Sunday, February 01, 2009

Yesterday was quite the day. Went to the basement to find it was 1 1/2 inches deep in waterr water! I walked into the laundry room to find a ceiling tile crumled on the floor and water shooting out of a valve in the ceiling. The valve should have been hooked up to the tubing for the refrigerator but it had some how dislodged and things only became worse since the valve of course would not turn off now either - so while I continued to wet vac everything up - Don made a emergency trip to Mernards to buy all the repair items. Needless to say I am so tired of water. It's bad enough just cleaning up all the water but you have to first move everything that you have stored there too.

By the time we finished cleaning up Don & I were both exhausted. I have yet to put everything back. So much for my plans to scrapbook this weekend.

1 comment:

  1. I hope you are getting over your hectic day. what a mess it must have caused too. I hope you are back to normal soon and you can get back to scrapbooking
    hugs rozzy xxx